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Maria R
Maria R
Mama, Blogger, Filipina, Community Builder, Real Life Mom

I'm a mom blogger and entrepreneur with a two year old daughter. I love silver linings and I'm passionate about creating community. After the fourth trimester, I resorted to blogging and Instagram to help unpack the stages of becoming/being a mom. In the process, I have met many moms who journey to re-discover themselves after their baby. You can find my blog here at MomsBeyond or on my personal blog.

My Stories

How to Decide Whether You Want Another Baby?

The topic of having children can be a sensitive one for most couples. There are various factors involved that make it challenging. In reality the decision process can be broken down...

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4 Tips to Help Avoid Extra Stress This Holiday Season

The holiday season is here and prior to being a mom, my holiday prep involved buying gifts and my own Christmas outfit. Now, it involves gift buying, house cleaning, home...

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Easy DIY Gift Wrapper Activity for Toddlers

'Tis the Season is here. And it’s about to get overwhelming. As we begin to scroll through our social feeds and see the mountains of beautiful large decorated homes, hopefully we...

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Motherhood Hacks


Your Guide on Road Trip Activities for Toddlers

Most of us aren’t traveling very far with this pandemic. If you’re like us, we aren’t flying anywhere. But we are going on more road trips than we had before.Here are...

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4 Ways to Keep Up to Date with Your Career

There are lots of ways we, as new moms or even temporary stay-at-home moms, can keep up to date with our career. My husband and I made the decision for me...

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What Do Stay at Home Moms Do While Kids Are in Daycare?

This is a common question that I get asked all the time and it’s frustrating.I’m a stay at home mom with a part-time job as a freelance marketing professional. My...

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