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Krista H
Krista H
Mom, Christ-Follower, Educator, Natural Living & Social Justice Advocate

Krista is a 30-something mama to a spirited little two-year-old boy and wife to her long time best friend. She is a former bilingual educator turned stay-at-home mom who is passionate about natural living, social justice and doing life alongside others in community. When not writing, you will find her building Lego towers, knee deep in arts and crafts or heading to the nearest fro-yo locale.

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10 All Natural Anxiety Tamers

I've battled anxiety on and off throughout my entire life. But it wasn't until I became a mom that I found it soaring to a whole new level for me....

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Introducing Your Toddler to the ABC's

As an elementary teacher turned stay-at-home mom, it has been quite a joy to watch my little guy learn and grow before my eyes. One of the things that I...

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